#WineChat – it does a palate good.

PROTOCOL wine studio is incredibly honored to serve as current directors of the popular Twitter #winechat program. We are committed to the online wine conversation and the overall wine industry. Learn a little more about who we are and our wine beginnings: taste it,  share it, live it!


#Winechat is an on-line conversation with wineries, distributors, sommeliers, wine writers—anyone interested in a wine conversation to improve themselves and their business. All are welcome!


How do you join #winechat? Using a tool such as Tweetdeck or Hootsuite, log into your twitter account and follow the #winechat stream. Be sure to include #winechat at the end of each tweet so everyone in the stream can see you!

The current #winechat schedule is published on our Events page and the #winechat  Facebook page.


#winechat is a social chat on Twitter, occurring every Wednesday evening (except holidays) from 6:00pm -7:00pm PST / 9:00pm – 10:00pm EST.

Each week we discuss a different topic or talk with different guests. The only requirement is a thirst to learn and chat about wine! Grab a glass and join in!


Have you ever participated in a Twitter-Chat? If not, here are some easy how-to tips to get you started:

– Create a Twitter Account (if you don’t have one already).

– Download Tweetdeck and or HootSuite (recommended). Click on + Column; type in #winechat. The #winechat column will show all tweets from all participants. Include #winechat at the end of all your tweets to ensure everyone sees them!

– Participate in a #winechat to understand the dynamics.

– Be prepared for questions pertaining to your brand and, your opinions on various wine related topics.

– There’s a good possibility you won’t return every question that evening within the 1-hour time frame. No worries, this is a good opportunity to connect outside of #winechat to discuss your brand more fully.

– Relax and enjoy the discussion on #winechat!


Please email tina.morey@protocolwine.com with date suggestions, topics, questions and or concerns. If you would like more information on how to proceed or discuss strategy feel free to reach out.

Please let us know as soon as possible and, we can work together to see how your suggestion may fit into the overall #winechat schedule.


– Create a Facebook event and invite friends.

– Write an article promoting the chat; tell everyone what it’s all about. Post your article on Facebook and on Twitter in the #winechat stream.

–Invite wineries to join the fun. Some may be willing to send samples to you and other participants to talk about during the chat.

– Tweet about it starting a few days before. Be respectful to the current week’s host by not promoting during their time.

– Make notes prior: prepare a few questions or facts that you would like to discuss. Write a few tweets and check to make sure they are within the 140 character limit including the #winechat tag.

– Send us your links and we will include them on the #winechat Facebook page.

– Please link back to the #winechat page to help future hosts.

For those of you who’d like to guest-host, we’re exploring innovative avenues for brand identity and of course the advancement of #winechat.  Connect with us to discuss!  Remember to follow us on Twitter: @ProtocolWine.

For those of you who’d like wine samples to engage more fully in the online conversation, please contact each guest-host directly.

Tina and GUY, Partners
PROTOCOL wine studio