Wine at Home

PROTOCOL is dedicated to exploring new concepts in wine retailing. Our business model is specifically designed to allow us to seek out and identify wines that offer a unique presentation in the marketplace.  Our offerings are both domestic and foreign, new world and old world, but we always look for houses that offer an uncommon approach.

In an odd turn of the marketplace, we’ve often found that the most traditional of wines has become uncommon and that the new and innovative wineries struggle to find market share.  We are advocates of both the traditional and progressive.  We seek to understand these wineries on a deeper level than the common retailer.  And we forge relationships with our suppliers in a way that is not often seen in the market.

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Explore our wine subscription service, Le Metro Wine, where wine and art make a classical pairing through our pioneering wine zine. Receive a free digital download of this limited edition offer and begin your wine adventure today! Ready your palate, Open your mind!